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College of Environmental Sciences – with 5 Departments and 5 Programmes

The College will embark on the training of students in sound and modern knowledge (both in theory and practice), imbuing them with relevant skills and aptitude in Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning, Landscaping and Horticulture, Surveying (Land and Quantity) and Estate Management. The training and skills acquired will enable the graduates to excel in both the public and private sectors.

S/N Departments Programmes Degrees in
1. Architecture Architecture B. Sc. Year 1
2. Estate Management Estate Management B. Sc. Year 1
3. Urban & Regional Planning Urban & Regional Planning B. Sc. Year 1
4. Landscaping &
Landscaping & Horticulture B. Sc. Year 1
5. Surveying Surveying B. Sc. Year 1



The Mountain Top University is envisioned as “a dynamic centre of academic excellence in the liberal tradition for the production of top-rate, morally sound graduates of distinction...
The mission of Mountain Top University
is the provision of excellent facilities for
the training of men and women in various
academic, professional and vocational
disciplines in an atmosphere that will
enhance the simultaneous development
of their spiritual, mental and physical


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