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The chapel is a centre of spiritualism, a virtue much valued in all religious tradition. Here we welcome those who strongly identify with their religious tradition, those who are spiritual but not religious and those who want no affiliation at all. It is a place where students can connect, create community, come together in fun and service, deepen their faith, discuss the "Big Questions," and explore their own values and identity. The chapel is a place that hums with activity and vitality while also offering a reflective and contemplative oasis for prayer, meditation and reflection.
Among the Activities we have are:

It is against this backdrop that the vision for the establishment of Mountain Top University was derived from the founding ministry. The promulgation of the Education Decree No. 9 of 1993, which repealed the Decree No. 19 of 1984 and stipulated new guidelines on the establishment of private universities was therefore a welcome development. Mountain Top University is one of the private Universities in Nigeria.