Center for New Life (CNL)


Mountain Top University Centre for New Life (CNL) is an innovative design with the mandate of helping delinquent students in consonance with the vision and mission of the University. Just as Mountain Top University (MTU) is committed to the spiritual development of both staff and students of the institution in their quest for academic and moral excellence.

CNL is posed to assist students who have consistently demonstrated anti-social behaviors despite the spiritual activities engendered to aid their spiritual development on campus. The main aim of the Centre is to run students referred to it through special training programmes (primarily in the form of salvation messages, deliverance sessions, practical counseling and motivation, targeted prayer sessions, in-depth topical Bible study, reading of books of the Bible, as well as reading of books authored by Dr. D. K. Olukoya) in order to reform and restore them to normal and acceptable social, academic and moral practices. The Centre is posed to provide a platform for rehabilitation and reformation (and not rejection) of students from negative values to positive ones, as well as offer hope of transformation to delinquent and difficult students. Activities of the Centre are under the purview of the Centre Coordinator with the full support of the University Chaplaincy, Directorate of Students’ Affairs, the entire staff of MTU, as well as deliverance ministers from MFM Prayer City.

Usually, each student referred to the Centre from the University Registry will be camped at the Centre throughout his/her residential period as stated in his/her referral letter to the Centre. While at the Centre, the student will undergo a series of intense spiritual activities day and night under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, with the ultimate goal of making him/her practically see reasons to turn over a new leaf, and starts living Christ-Centred life with heavenly focus. At the expiration of each student’s residential period at the Centre, he/she will make a formal presentation to other students during a given Sunday service at the University Chapel, with a clear expression of lessons learned at the Centre, as well as counsel to other students to be of good behavior. The Centre is currently situated at Regional House, inside MFM Prayer City.

By and large, testimonies of positive behavioral changes abound in the lives of the students who had passed through the Centre. At CNL, our unflinching resolution is that inasmuch as God has not given up on life, such is not beyond divine redemption and a second chance at living Christ- 1 controlled life in fulfillment of his/her destiny. Our prayer is that God who has begun a good work in us will continue to perfect it unto the end, and continue to empower us to excel.