About Registry

Registry is the hub of administration in Mountain Top University. While encompassing every area of the University, Registry’s functions transcend the University community. As a department servicing virtually every part of the University including the Council, Senate, Congregation, Convocation, it plays significant roles in the overall structure of the University.

Headed by the Registrar who is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for daily running of the University, as stipulated in the Statute of the University, Registry is embedded with dynamic capacities to leverage on modern innovations in University administration for effective service delivery. 

Registry, as currently constituted in the University, is divided into Three units, besides the Registrar’s Office which serves as rallying point of activities in the University. The Units are:

  • Council Affairs and General Administration Unit
  • Human Resources Unit
  • Academic Affairs Unit

The role of the Registry is further carried out in the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, Bursary Department, the University Library, Colleges, Student Affairs Division, Academic Departments and other Units of the University.

In performing necessary tasks, the Registrar is assisted by seasoned staff who take charge of various positions within the University’s management and general administration.

The Registrar of the University, Mr Olufemi Emmanuel Oyewole, is at the forefront of ensuring human and material integrity in the system while motivating members of staff to achieve the Vision and Mission of the University.