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  • Chemical Sciences
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  • Food Science and Technology
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  • Geosciences
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The College of Basic and Applied Sciences was established at the inception of Mountain Top University in 2015. It is made up of the departments of Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Microbiology), Chemical Sciences (Chemistry), Computer Science and Mathematics (Computer Science, Mathematics), Food Science and Technology (Food Science and Technology), Geosciences (Applied Geophysics), Physics (Physics). The College boasts of having the most recent and up to date equipments and facilities for learning and research that can rank with those found in the best universities within and outside Africa. The offices, lecture rooms and laboratories are fully air-conditioned with 24 hours electricity, water supply, and all equipped with modern ICT facilities, including internet which can be assessed anywhere within the campus. Each student is also given a tablet upon resumption at MTU to further enhance e-learning.

Students are well-trained, equipped and empowered to excel in the outside world with the fear of God and a spirit of excellence to enable them contribute their quota to nation building. With the entrepreneurial skills they have developed in the course of their training, each MTU student would be able to confidently provide a worthy means of livelihood for themselves and would also be able to become employers of labour.

The College of Basic and Applied Sciences is headed by a competent, well-experienced Dean and other God-fearing, dedicated, well-motivated academic, laboratory and administrative members of staff who see their duties at MTU as a service to God and humanity. The students are not just perceived as being students only, but as their own wards and children. With God on our side, we are indeed empowered to excel.