May 09, 2024

Mass Communication Students' Association Takes off

Mass Communication Students' Association Takes off
Mass Communication Students' Association Takes off

    The Mass Communication Departmental   Association was officially inaugurated in   a ceremony held at the College of Humanities Management and Social Sciences’ Big   Lecture Theatre on Wednesday, December 8th,   2021.       


The main purpose of the meeting was to inaugurate the first set of the departmental executive   members and to explain what their roles are to the   student body.  The meeting kicked off with the Master of Ceremony, Kosisochukwu Okereke, inviting Adebayo   Fisayo for the opening prayer. Ubah Gift led in   singing the national and school anthems.

The welcome address was given by Dr. Kenneth Udeh, the   staff adviser, who said that the executive members   have been approved by   the Students' Affairs   unit. The Head of Department, Professor Babatude Oni, in his remarks, said that the executive members were   not elected but selected   using certain criteria and   were duly approved by   the Students’ Affairs   Unit. Also, he emphasized that the departmental   association is a way for the students to express   themselves.  Members of the executive and the position they   occupy are as follows:  

1. President - Oladele, Precious Judah  

2. Vice- President - Moyinoluwa Jesuloba  

3. General Secretary - Aminu Favour  

4. Assistant General Secretary - Festus Comfort  

5. Academic Director - Gloria Bamigbaye  

6. Assistant Academic Director - Afeme Dorcas  

7. Welfare Director - Oluwafunbi Ige  

8. Assistant Welfare Director - Uzochukwu Shalom  

9. Financial Director - Okiche Chioma  

10. Public Relations Officer - Apeji Omeiza  

11. Assistant Public Relations Officer - Idaresit Oluwatoyosi  

12. Social Director - Tolani Ayomide  

13. Assistant Social Director - Osisanya Oluwapelumi  

14. Sports Director - Oyindamola Olawuyi  

15. Assistant Sports Director - Janet Olubi  

They were later led to take the oath of office by Mrs S.   F. Richard. Vote of thanks   and closing remarks were   given by the President,   Oladele, Precious Judah. He   further explained the Executive Manifesto to the  members of the department.  

Some of the items on the   manifesto include:  

1) Bringing together and   organizing the department   all segments of the department effectively.  

2) Raising the standard of academic excellence.  

3) Forming a partnership between the Excos and members of the department.

    It is hoped that the association will be at the fore-front   of bringing great development ideas to the department   as well as foster good relationship and collaborations  between the association and their counterparts in other   institutions