May 09, 2024

Student Leaders Receive Special Training for the Task Ahead

Student Leaders Receive Special Training for the Task Ahead
Student Leaders Receive Special Training for the Task Ahead

A  special training   was organized   by the management of Mountain Top Uni￾versity for the members of   the Student Representative   Council (SRC), all first class   students and all course rep￾resentatives and their assistants to equip them with requisite leadership skills and mindset needed to pilot   affairs for the academic session.

   The programme kicked off on the 16th of December 2021 by 8am with an online registration of   about 250 students, who were the participants at the   training and ran for three days. The training was   facilitated by the Institute of National Transformation (INT) staff. The Founder of INT, Professor   Vincent Anigbogu, kick-started the teaching sessions with a lecture titled: “Rebranding Nigeria:   Your Responsibility”. During the session, the students were taught that in order to have a better Nigeria, they need to change their mindset from a   fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Other lectures   delivered by INT facilitators are:  

  • Dreams of nations: founding (liberating) leaders   by Mrs Bukky Femi Ajala. 
  • Time management by Mr Morris Ekpong   Hunter and the farmer paradigm by Mrs Bukky   Femi Ajala 
  • Becoming a person of value by Mrs Bukky Femi   Ajala 
  • Critical thinking and communication skills by Mr   Morris Ekpong 
  • The parable of the three sons by Mrs Bukky Femi   Ajala
  • Taking responsibility for national transformation by   Mr Morris Ekpong

 There was a group discussion session where the students were divided into different groups to discuss the   topic, “God, Nation, Discipline” derived from the lectures delivered during the training. This was followed   by a presentation by each of the discussion groups. The   training continued on the second day with a movie   show titled, “Facing the giant”. Another movie, ‘The   Ultimate Gift’ was shown on the third day and it was   very impactful as it portrayed the vital gifts needed to   become a total man.  

The students were also taught to write down their   goals, dreams and aspirations so as not to forget them   and always refer to them constantly for motivation.   Among the students who shared their dreams and aspirations was the Vice President of the Student Representative Council (SRC), Obaze Phillip. He stated that   he has a passion for blind   people and would like to create a smart shade (eye glasses) that will be connected to   a smart walking stick and   GPS so that blind people can   move easily and have better   lives in Nigeria. There were   practical sessions where the   participants were given an   opportunity to apply the lessons learnt in solving perceived problems.  

  The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr Moses Abiala, who represented the Vice   Chancellor, Professor Elijah Ayolabi, gave room   for students to share their learning experience at the   INT training programme. The SRC President,   Amaechi Victoria; General secretary, Ajide Esther   and the PRO: Okereke Kosisochukwu and some   other students shared their experiences.  The programme was brought to an end with words of   prayers to God for the success and words of appreciation to INT facilitators for the outpouring of their   knowledge and impact on the students