Centre of Excellence in Music

Centre of Excellence in Music

The Center of Excellence for Music is the hub for the baccalaureate music programme, Every Student a Musician (ESM) programme and all musical activities at the Mountain Top University.
Housed in the Organ House, the Center is a splendid and serene environment for music study and performance, offering members of the university community hands-on musical experience through solo and ensemble concert programmes.
While the undergraduate Music programme, employing traditional pedagogy, caters to the training of music majors via lectures and instrumental tuition conducted in an interactive setting with the individual in mind by highly qualified faculty members and instructors, the ESM programme is designed to musically equip non-music majors. The ESM scheme is envisioned to make MTU unique amongst other universities by offering instrumental tuition to all enrolled students under the overarching entrepreneur study programme for the institution. The scheme provides students with the basic skills required to play their chosen instrument as a vocation that will be of benefit to them, the institution and address the paucity of decent instrumentalists in the larger society.
The Center of Excellence for Music also offers Certificate Programmes that address the need for musical literacy and professionalism in the larger society. Study focus area includes

1.) Choral Studies/Choir Management,

2.) Digital Arts and Music Business,

3.) Theory of Music, and

4.) Church Organ.

These programmes are primarily intended to train those who are autodidact,
requiring formal training.
Apart from the above-mentioned programmes, a wide variety of concerts, masterclasses, workshops, public lectures, and conferences held at the Organ House, where our resources include a collection of Western and African Musical instruments, an electro-acoustic music studio, listening lab, acoustically padded practice rooms, library, seminar room, etc. Solo and chamber performances are presented at the Recital Halls.

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